PMO Value Ring

The PMO VALUE RINGĀ© methodology results from a 7-year research project developed by the PMO Global Alliance in collaboration with 122 seasoned PMO leaders from different countries.

The methodology provides a structured step-by-step to set up new PMOs or assess and redesign existing PMOs. Its optional web tool automates the methodology and provides access to a powerful database with the collective intelligence and experience of the global PMO community.

The PMO Global Alliance Certification Program is grounded in the PMO Value RingĀ® methodology and counts on 5,000+ PMO-CP, PMO Certified Practitioner credential holders around the world.

The Mindset Behind the Methodology

  • One Size doesn't Fit All: Forget pre-established PMO models and focus on creating a flexible PMO that fully fits your organization's needs.
  • PMOs are Service Providers: PMOs exist to serve their clients, meeting expectations, and delivering expected benefits.
  • PMOs must deserve Sponsorship: Lack of sponsorship is usually not the cause but the consequence of the failure of many PMOs.
  • Adaptation is a Key to Survival: Be ready to rethink and reconfigure your PMO any time a significant organizational change arises.
  • It's All About Value: Generate value perception for the PMO stakeholders, it's the most effective way to make the PMO thrive.

How the PMO Value Ring Methodology Works

1. Identifying the warning signs

  • Find out how to identify the pieces of evidence that show you must urgently rethink your PMO.

2. Understanding clients' expectations and pains

  • Learn a practical and extensively tested method to map the PMO clients' expectations and needs.

3. Analyzing needs and setting the PMO priorities

  • Learn how to analyze PMO Customers' priorities in-depth and understand the risks.

4. Accessing the PMO community's intelligence

  • Get recommendations from our global database, directing the PMO to what really matters.

5. Defining the PMO functions and balancing the value generation

  • Understand how to define the PMO's functions mix and how to make it fit the client's needs.

6. Establishing the PMO processes and aligning expectations

  • Learn how to define the PMO processes and align them with clients' expectations.

7. Establishing the PMO performance indicators and service levels

  • Get access to dozens of exclusive performance indicators to the PMO's functions.

8. Reviewing the PMO headcount and improving competencies

  • Learn how to define the PMO team and make action plans for the identified gaps.

9. Assessing and planning the PMO maturity evolution

  • Plan the evolution of the PMO maturity and how it will increasingly generate value.

10. Running the PMO and monitoring the generated value

  • Find out how to operate the PMO and generate results, monitoring strategic indicators.

11.Measuring and revealing the value of the PMO

  • Understand how to advance the PMO and measure the clients' value perception.

12. Being recognized and starting a new assessment cycle

  • Learn how to boost customers' perception of value and prepare for the next assessment cycle.
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