How To Apply Pmbok In The Real World

How To Apply The PMBOKĀ® Guide In The Real World? is an online course hosted by PM Quest.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Goal 01: Introduction and Setting the Scene
  • Goal 02: What is the PMBOK Guide
  • Goal 03: General Concepts (and definitions)
  • Goal 04: Different Perspectives
  • Goal 05: Initiating a Phase
  • Goal 06: Phase Management Planning
  • Goal 07: Phase Detailed Planning
  • Goal 08: Executing Phase Work
  • Goal 09: Monitoring and Controlling Phase Work
  • Goal 10: Closing a Phase
  • Goal 11: Wrap-up and what is next?

What You Get

  • 40 PDU/Contact Hours
  • Tailored Approach to Project Based Learning
  • Personal Journey Based Learning
  • Additional PMO Quest Resources
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