Accidental Project Manager

Accidental Project Manager: The Online Experience by PPC Group, is an online course based on the book "Accidental Project Manager" by Ray Frohnhoefer. This course helps project managers plan to successfully manage projects now.

Course Objectives

  • Learn the principles - concepts and terms.
  • Understand the fundamental steps in managing any project.
  • Effectively communicate about your project.


  • Launch Your Career
    • Learn the fundamentals of project management through a memorable methodology. Everything you need to start managing projects now.
  • Project Hero Social Badge
    • Earn a social badge demonstrating to management and peers your commitment to your project management career.
  • Learn At Your Pace
    • Course is accessible 24/7 on virtually any device, including PC,, tablets, and smartphones. You learn anywhere and anytime when you are able.

Learning Objectives:

  • Don't let people cause your project to fail. Discover how to work with people to achieve project success.
  • Eliminate unnecessary project work. Identify the right project and find hidden project needs, even with difficult stakeholders.
  • Organize project scope, time, and resources into actionable plans people will want to follow.
  • Build a dream team - it's not just about what they know. Effectively work with physical and virtual teams.
  • Eliminate project issues and make execution effortless. Delegate and give feedback to optimize performance.
  • Measure project results and take corrective actions without over-steering. Provide regular updates and manage change.
  • Eliminate client rejection even if the project isn't 100%. Transform the team and be ready for the next project.

What You Get

  • What You Get
  • 9 video modules
  • module quizzes and end of course test
  • project-learning based assignments
  • study guide
  • copy of international best seller: Accidental Project Manager: Zero to Hero in 7 Days
  • up to 23 PDUs (self reported)
  • end of course certificate or Project Hero Social Badge (for Project Hero Academy Students) from Accredible
  • certificate and badge includes project management job insights for your country
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